Did you know?

Deer eat 7 to 10 lbs. of browse daily? This equals aprox. 8lbs X 365 days per annum. equals aprox 3,000 lbs. per annum. You can do the math. That is over 1.5 tons of your hard earned money eaten by one deer.

What does the increase in the deer population mean for us
homeowners?  1.5 tons of food eaten by 1 deer. That is a lot of azaleas, hostas, and tomatoes and anything else you may have planted.  The over population of the white-tailed deer means garden, plants, landscape problems, and crop damage.  Ticks can pose another problem as well (Lyme disease)!
What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a potentially serious disease carried by deer ticks. The symptoms of Lyme disease vary from one person to another. Frequently, but not always, patients initially develop a darkened area at the site of the tick attachment that resembles a bull's eye. They also may experience some combination of fatigue, fever, flu-like achiness and joint pain. As the infection progresses there can be arthritis, neurological and heart related symptoms, as well as visual impairment.

Managing a deer herd requires knowledge of deer biology, familiarity with public attitudes about deer in the area, and adequate tools to address the issue. To assist landowners and communities in acquiring the necessary knowledge and information.

If left unchecked, those numbers can double every two years!
In studies done by State Farm, the chances of a driver having a collision with a deer (based on their claims in Maryland) is 1 in 120 over the course of a year. 

According to the 2009 deer census by the National Park Service, there are 67 white-tailed deer per square mile in Rock Creek Park. In more urban areas, that number is even higher.   

Why do we have an overpopulation of deer?
Common thought is, we humans have been taking over the wild animal's land, however, there's more to it.  We've knocked out many of the deer's big predators, such as the bobcat, the mountain lion, and the wolf.  There's not much means left for deer population control to occur naturally.

How can we help you?
Here at Maryland Wildlife Management, we want to help you with the control of the overpopulation of deer on your property.
What we do?
We provide a service to the non-hunting public. If your farm,
homeplace, neighborhood, business, or any other entity is
experiencing a problem with over- population of deer or any other
game animal or predator, we will use legal hunting methods to
reduce their population.
Who we are?
We come from all walks of life:  coaches, construction workers, landscapers, biotech workers, teachers, retired DNR, as well as many other types of people. We are probably right next to you in line at your favorite store, school function, restaurant, etc.

Our hunters have attained a skill level with archery equipment that would amaze some archers who are not part of the competition community. We think this adds to safety and humane, fast, painless, kills.

Our members are hand picked. There is no application process to be a member of our group. Membership in our group is by invitation only. We know each other and know the type of person we will be sending to your property. This person will be representing us as well as our sport and we will not tolerate a bad reputation.

*Fully Licensed.  *Hunter Safety Trained.  Unblemished safety record.
Some groups/clubs claim they have a goal to maintain a healthy deer herd. Some of these groups are mostly trophy hunters who shoot mature bucks (males) and don't shoot many does (females). WE can show you what WE do. Check out our gallery page. : )

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*Most of our harvest is 
donated to Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Landowners, and friends. 

Satisfied customers of MWM:

"We couldn't believe how many deer they removed until we were not seeing as many deer in our plants.

Ferris, Darnestown

"We hardly ever know they are here"

Dave, Darnestown

" We love the professionalism of the hunters of MWM. THANKS!!! Plus thanks for sharing the meat with us. You guys are the BEST!!!

Karen, Darnestown