What We Use


WE USE......

  • Archery:  Modern, highly effective archery equipment (bow/crossbows)with razor sharp broadheads (to ensure the death is
    quick and humane). 
  • Bowhunting: Bowhunting is an extremely safe way to manage the deer herd population.  It's very effective in small areas close to houses, occupied spaces, and roadways. We'll go so far as to say, it's the safest and most practical method of reducing population to what is acceptable. It also is less invasive to neighbors/landowners. No noise
  • Experience:  We have over thirty years of hunting experience, We have bow hunted most of our lives.  With an unblemished safety record with 0 accidents/close calls.
  • Tree Stands:  To ensure safe and accurate shot placement, we use tree stands- which allows us an elevated, and safe location for downward shooting. When using treestands our hunters will use a full body harness to ensure safety when climbing, sitting, or climbing back down.
  • Safety:  Shots are taken within 25 yards, and standing non-alerted state which ensures a swift, high mortality rate.
  • WHO: Only invited outdoorsman/wildlife managers can apply to be a part of MWM. This means a person must come on a recommendation from a trusted source. Once full background check, interview, target test, and review of hunting records will we allow a person into MWM. So landowners know with full confidence the hunter on their property is one of the best there is.
*With the landowner’s permission, legal firearms may be used during the appropriate hunting seasons.  This is generally done on the larger properties, such as farmlands or acreages of 25 acres or more. Our guns are very specialized shotguns that shoot a single projectile (Slug) through a rifled barrel and has the effective range of up to 200 yards.
What it costs?
For the most part nothing, unless the removal requirements are large or time consuming.  We provide this service of deer removal to the non-hunting public.  

If your farm, homeplace, neighborhood, business, or any other entity is experiencing a problem with over population of deer or any other game animal or predator, we will use legal hunting methods to reduce their population.